Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And your Business Ideas come true...

One day or another, everybody has Business Ideas.

But having a Business Idea is one thing, making it come true is another!

Launching a Business Idea requires entrepreneurship spirit, maybe a particular knowledge, finance, partners...

Some have money, the entrepreneurship spirit, business talents, but are missing The Business Idea.

How can these two meet? After having searched through the internet, I did not find any simple, easy solution to make this happen.

This is how idbiznet.com was born.

Free of charge, easy to use, idbiznet.com is the Meeting Center to make Business Ideas come true.

You can also create and manage your network on idbiznet.com.

This Blog is meant to complement the Site, to enable free comments on ways of developping the Ideas, ways of creating a Company, and any subject related to the Business Ideas.

So, let your Business Ideas come true!!!

Etienne Dancer